I enjoyed art class in elementary school, especially teaching the younger kids how to finger-paint. But I stopped painting when I left elementary school, and didn’t start again until my early forties. I took some drawing classes at Miami Dade Community College and earned an AA degree in Landscape Architecture before changing my major to Botany.
    After receiving a degree in Botany, I made another change and opened an antique shop. I had a blast setting up my shop into small well-designed rooms. Lifting furniture is probably what set me up for the back injury that introduced me to massage, and prompted my long career (28 years) as a massage therapist.
    In 1983, I received Shaktipat Diksha (a type of spiritual awakening), which has been the single most important event in my life. From that initiation, I continue to do meditation, yoga, and other forms of spiritual practices and scriptural study. It is this spiritual work that rekindled the creative spark and brought me back to painting again.
    In 1998 I began studying watercolor with Linda Pence; her knowledge, skill, and generous spirit nurtured my interest into a modicum of talent. I have also studied through workshops with watercolor notables Don Andrews, Tony Couch, Diane Maxey, Ron Ranson, Susan Abbott, Skip Lawence, and John Salminen. Authors Edgar Whitney and Alex Powers, with their emphasis on design principles, have also contributed to my development as a painter.
    From 2005 through 2007, I served as President of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and on the Education Advisory Council for the Harn Museum at the University Of Florida.

I entered my first competition in 2003, and have received the following awards and recognition:

Award of Merit; 2003 Gainesville Fine Arts Association (GFAA) Winter Members Show.

Award of Excellence; 2004 GFAA Winter Members Show.

Edith Moore Portrait Award; 2004 GFAA Winter Members Show.

Judges Award; 2004 Live Oak Artists’ Guild Autumn Artfest.

2006 Colson Calendar; my painting, “Net Repairs”, was selected at the 2005 Southern Artist’s League Regional Juried Exhibition and printed in this calendar.

2nd Place; 2005 Live Oak Artists’ Guild Autumn Artfest

Award Of Excellence; 2006 GFAA Winter Members Show.

3rd Place; 2006 Art League of North Florida Juried Members' Exhibition.

Award of Merit; 2006 GFAA Summer Members Show.

Award of Merit; 2006 Art At The Oaks

Award of Merit; 2006 International Online Exhibit

Third Place (Watercolor and Pastel category) 2009 Open Air Arts in Melrose, Florida.

First Place (Graphics/Drawing category), 2010 Open Air Arts.



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