Scott P. Lamp

Licensed Massage Therapist

Gainesville, Florida

Licensed Massage Therapist
Forensic Services, Expert Witness, and Consulting

 Scott has experience serving as an expert in the field of Massage Therapy. He remains available
to serve as either a consultant or expert witness for legal cases involving a massage therapist, the
application of massage therapy, or the massage therapy profession. He has experience reviewing
materials relevant to a legal case; such as depositions, answers to interrogatories, medical
records, and massage clinic notes and records. When requested, he can form a professional
opinion based on a review of the documents presented. He also has experience recreating the
events described in deposition by either or both parties. Scott has experience being deposed in
such cases.

Schedule of Fees for Forensic Services

Case review and forming an opinion: $150 per hour.

This includes, but is not limited to, reading depositions and other files as requested by the Law
Office, writing notes regarding case files or writing a report of my findings, discussions and/or
phone calls with the Law Office, re-enacting massage situations/techniques described in
deposition or other files, research and any other specific activity required while considering the
evidence, forming an opinion, and time spent preparing for a scheduled deposition or court
appearance regarding the specific case.

Deposition: $200 per hour for deposition, $200 minimum.
Courtroom testimony: $200 per hour, $200 minimum.
Inactive required presence: $100 per hour. 

This includes time required to be present but inactive at either a deposition, courtroom
appearance, or any other meeting required by the Law Office.

Driving time: $125 per hour.

This includes actual driving time to and from a location outside of Gainesville, Florida. It
includes all auto expense, insurance, and fuel costs.

Travel expenses: reimbursement of receipts per occurrence.

This includes any expenses incurred during travel required by the Law Office; including airfare,
hotel, meals, etc. as arranged in advance with the Law Office.

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